How to Be Productive in Your Day

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We constantly struggle with how to be productive. The tools and advice out there are endless. There are phone apps that track your schedule, hoards of planners and planner accessories and awesome productivity coaches that help us straighten out our day.

Here is our perspective on the top three tips for personal productivity.

1. Maintain lists

Estimated productivity boost

60 minutes a year. Save ideas you hear from word-of-mouth, headlines, social media or trips around town. Refer to that ongoing list of ideas rather than spending minutes or even hours of research time later.

What’s in it for you

By proactively saving down ideas into a handwritten or online list, you avoid the pressure of needing to remember everything. You can also easily share your lists with others.

How to be productive step-by-step
  1. Create lists in a notebook or in your favorite smartphone notes app (e.g. startup ideas, books to read or podcasts to listen to, free website services, places to travel, fun activities or restaurants to try in your downtime).
  2. Add new ideas to your list throughout the year.
  3. When you need an idea, grab one from your ready-made list.

2. Take short breaks

Estimated productivity boost

Neutral. While you may not regain time in your day by taking breaks, you can enhance your work productivity before and after your break.

What’s in it for you

Revive your focus, motivation and sense of priority by taking a quick break. Breaks allows you to maintain an even energy level and a healthy mental state throughout the work day.

Knowing you have a break coming up can help keep you motivated to get tasks done before your break starts. It will also give your brain time to process and retain information from the day. Not to mention the ergonomic benefits like reduced eye strain and increased blood flow.

How to be productive step-by-step
  1. Set expectations with others by blocking your calendar.
  2. Start a timer, step away from all devices and clear your head – pause and breathe.
  3. Return to your work with a fresh perspective and renewed energy.

We also recommend checking out the Pomodoro technique as a specific way to incorporate short breaks into your busy day.

3. Declutter your inbox

Estimated productivity boost

30 minutes a week. Cut back on the time you spend reading and sifting through your email each day. Especially if you maintain multiple email boxes across your full-time job, side hustle and personal accounts.

What’s in it for you

Hopefully, email will soon be a thing of the past with the advent of more efficient collaboration and messaging tools. In the meantime, don’t let email take away your time and distract you from more valuable work. Set-up rules to automatically categorize mail into separate folders so you can prioritize and speed up your reviews. Also, don’t forget to unsubscribe when a sender is no longer serving a purpose.

Clearing out noise will allow you to focus on important messages, avoid a false sense of productivity from constantly reviewing emails and bring back calm to your workday.

How to be productive step-by-step
  1. Separate your email into categories (e.g. projects, newsletters, coupons, spam).
  2. In your email settings, create new rules to auto-move email from specific senders or subject headers into different folders.
  3. Monitor the folders and adjust, if needed.

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– Trevor and Amber Lightfoot

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