A world where people thrive doing what they enjoy


Eliminate the guesswork of the entrepreneurial journey by building and advocating for the best resources available


“Wheelhouse” is a special skill or interest you possess.

“Factory” is where ideas are assembled into reality.

We created Wheelhouse Factory to help people combine these two concepts. To bring their interests to life through an entrepreneurial venture – such as a passion project, side hustle or startup business.

We know that every entrepreneurial story has its challenges. Especially in the early stages. There’s ambiguity. You have limited funds. You must balance your time across several commitments. Of course, there’s also that occasional feeling of doubt.

You’re more than capable of solving these challenges on your own. But whenever you need extra support, we’ll be here with easy do-it-yourself resources. No application required. No appointment needed. You’ll have immediate access to our guided exercises, carefully curated recommendations and fresh inspiration. We’ll be your virtual partner empowering you to break through any roadblocks along the way.

Our goal is for you to reach the pinnacle where you can say – you made it!


Trevor Lightfoot
Trevor Lightfoot


Executive Officer


Wheelhouse: Creativity


Experienced management consultant. Practitioner certifications include Prosci and LUMA Institute Human-Centered Design.


He enjoys pretending to be on a cooking show, jamming with The Jovers and watching suspenseful movies.


Amber Wesson
Amber Lightfoot


Operations Officer


Wheelhouse: Organization


Over a decade of management consulting and business leadership experience. Lean Six Sigma certified.


Her hobbies include photography, beach vacations and chasing after the neighborhood cats.