How To Build a SWOT Analysis for Your Small Business

SMH (Shaking My Head). There are too many initials out there for you busy entrepreneurs to remember! As if you don’t already wear enough hats as you try to grow your business. Now you’re supposed to be an enigmatologist as well? The Wheelhouse Factory team won’t stand for these unrealistic expectations! That’s why we areContinue reading “How To Build a SWOT Analysis for Your Small Business”

Your Project Planning Checklist

Entrepreneurs are all about projects. Transformative, incremental and even experimental. We love our projects. They are the building blocks that help us gain momentum and achieve our business goals. The question prompts below can help you think through various elements of your project. Budget, resources and communication are just a few of the factors thatContinue reading “Your Project Planning Checklist”

How to Edit Podcast Audio in Audacity

Welcome to a Behind the Scenes look at our operations at Wheelhouse Factory. In this article we are going to explore how to edit podcast audio in Audacity. Have you ever had something on your to-do list that just sort of . . . stays there? It’s a dust collector. A chore hanging over yourContinue reading “How to Edit Podcast Audio in Audacity”

How to Create a Project Timeline in Excel

The discovery of your next passion project is revitalizing and exhilarating. Swift momentum. Centered focus. Endless possibilities. Your adrenaline is running on pure creativity. While there is a mountain of work to climb, the journey is one you’re excited to begin. Eventually, though, the dust of excitement will calm down. At some point, you knowContinue reading “How to Create a Project Timeline in Excel”

Hearing No is Not the End – Shark Tankaway #2

Welcome back to the Shark Tankaway series! We are excited to dive into one of the most common challenges facing entrepreneurs. How to overcome hearing “no”. It’s a vital skill because hearing no is not the end. We all know the feeling of rejection. It’s the worst! The sentiment can take many forms such asContinue reading “Hearing No is Not the End – Shark Tankaway #2”

How to Purchase Podcast Equipment on a Budget

Here’s another Behind the Scenes look at our operations at Wheelhouse Factory. In this article we will explore ways to help you purchase podcast equipment to launch your show. It’s time. After weeks, months or even years of letting the idea stew around in your head, the moment has finally arrived. You’re going to launchContinue reading “How to Purchase Podcast Equipment on a Budget”

How to Create a Professional Gmail Signature Line

Remember that scene in Mean Girls where Cady goes to the Halloween house party? After weeks of trying to find her niche at a new school, she gets the invite she had been hoping to receive. She gets dressed up with excitement and chooses the over-the-top bloody corpse bride costume. It is Halloween after all. You’re supposedContinue reading “How to Create a Professional Gmail Signature Line”

Be Useful – Shark Tankaway #1

Welcome to our first Shark Tankaway! In this series of articles, we will be exploring various takeaways from one of our favorite shows, Shark Tank.  If you haven’t seen the show, the basic premise focuses on entrepreneurs at all levels ranging from folks in retirement to experienced business professionals to teenagers finishing high school.  EachContinue reading “Be Useful – Shark Tankaway #1”