Quick Guide

1. Make sure you have all game parts

Game Tip: Each game requires 1 ball, 1 basket and 3 shooting markers (2-pointer, 3-pointer and Fastbreak)

2. Extend legs on basket to stand upright

3. Set up the shot markers

Game Tip: Scoring markers can be moved closer to make shots easier or further to make them more challenging

4. Players get in position

Game Tip: Pop-A-Slam can be played with 2, 3 or 4 players – choose the set up that works best for you!

5. Offense shoots their first shot – the Free Thow

Game Tip: Every first shot of a possession is a Free Throw. IT must be shot from the 2 point marker and cannot be interfered with by the defense or rebounded by the offense

6. Offense shoots their second shot – the Live Ball

Game Tip: Every second shot of a possession is a Live Ball. It can be attempted from the 2 or 3 point marker and may involve a Slam, Rebound or Fastbreak

7. Players rotate

8. How to win

9. Rebuttal

10. A successful rebuttal results in Overtime

Pop-A-Slam Glossary

PossessionIncludes one Free Throw and one Live Ball shot attempt for each player on offense
OffenseThe player or team with ball and shooting
DefenseThe player or team guarding the basket and trying to Slam the offensive team’s shot attempt
Free ThrowThe first shot attempt during on offensive possession – note the defense may not interfere with this shot in anyway
Live BallThe second shot attempt during an offensive possession – note this shot may be Slammed by the Defense or Rebounded by the Offense for additional points
SlamAn opportunity for the defense to turn a missed shot into points by deflecting a missed shot into the basket
DeflectionUsing any part of a player’s body to direct a the ball into the basket
ReboundWhen the offensive player recovers a missed Live Ball shot before the defensive team. The player may shoot from wherever the rebound was recovered for a chance at 1 point
FastbreakAn attempt by the defensive team to steal away one shot from the offense and turn it into points by making a shot at the Fastbreak marker