Shark Tankaway #3: Tell Your Story

Tell you story. Sounds simple enough but it is one of the most common challenges entrepreneurs face. At Wheelhouse Factory, we love to find creative ways to remove these obstacles. Not only did we build workbooks with tons of great exercises to help you along the way, we also launched the Shark Tankaway series. AContinue reading “Shark Tankaway #3: Tell Your Story”

Shark Tankaway #2: Hearing No is Not the End

Welcome back to the Shark Tankaway series! We are excited to dive into one of the most common challenges facing entrepreneurs. How to overcome hearing “no”. It’s a vital skill because hearing no is not the end. We all know the feeling of rejection. It’s the worst! The sentiment can take many forms such asContinue reading “Shark Tankaway #2: Hearing No is Not the End”

Shark Tankaway #1: Be Useful

Welcome to our first Shark Tankaway! In this series of articles, we will be exploring various takeaways from one of our favorite shows, Shark Tank.  If you haven’t seen the show, the basic premise focuses on entrepreneurs at all levels ranging from folks in retirement to experienced business professionals to teenagers finishing high school.  EachContinue reading “Shark Tankaway #1: Be Useful”